This all grew from a desire to serve amazing, fresh coffee roasted local.  

A little about my idea of coffee.

My desire to simplify the coffee market, engage with consumers in a fresh new way, and create flavor profiles that people actually like to drink.

Coffee today sits on a spectrum that ranges from the over-roasted found in mass market coffee shop where flavored syrups and sugar help mask the bitterness, to the newer, “third wave” coffee shop that take a more artisan approach, focusing on a roast so light that the flavors are more green.  I, Red Bean Harvest Coffee, sets in the middle. Origin definitely matters to me as having grown up around wine (Napa, Ca) and realizing its importance.

Getting the roast just right is what I feel really sets my coffee apart. By roasting further than a traditional third-wave, the natural sweetness of the bean is able to come through. Its origin plays a vital role in the flavor, the soil, water, altitude, processing and its people.

I believe that what you smell should match what you’re tasting.

Having the community behind me and such a great local spirit, is one of the greatest things I could ask for.

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